We work for you by working with you!

Your business is unique, and so should your branding be, so we work closely with our customers to help create artwork that helps you stand out from your competitors, helping you leave a lasting impression. 


From print design to branding, and everything in between, our experienced team of designers can work with you to design the artwork you’re looking for. 

We work towards a design that suits your needs and requirements to best accommodate your business. With infinite care and support over the phone, through email, and even face to face, we liaise with you to create the best artwork possible.

With our comprehensive and flexible design services, we can exchange feedback to work towards artwork that suits your needs perfectly.  

Brand Identity

Brand identity is extremely important these days, but too many people are unsure exactly what it means. A brand isn’t just a logo, website or a colour scheme: it’s an identity. It’s the way you convey everything your business is in a message that your audience can readily understand. From the logo you choose to the language you use, building your brand is one of the most important things Colchester Press can do for you.

Marketing Collateral

Brochures, Magazines, Presentation Folder, leaflets etc. has been proven by many successful companies that printed media works and works well. That’s why businesses of all sizes use them as a part of their marketing campaign.

This may be a traditional format, but in the right context, marketing materials can work much more effectively than even the most “responsive” social campaign. At Colchester Press, we marry eye-catching creative design with exactly the right message, then package it up and drop it right under the nose of your customer.


Whether it is a brochure to be downloaded from a website or a flyer to be posted by email or on a social media platform, the same design principals apply. This means that, whatever your project, you can rest assured we’ve considered every possible angle when converting your brand concept into a string of 0’s and 1’s. However, it’s important to remember that “digital” is not just a single thing; there’s plenty more involved. At Colchester Press, we’re involved in it all.


Vector Illustration

Stock photos are good for making your business look professional, but sometimes to really stand out you need to think outside the box. Why not delight your customers with bespoke illustrations or cartoons in your next marketing campaign? We can produce unique artwork for mascots, instruction manuals, or anything else you can think of. The sky is the limit!

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