clear protective banners!
Help in keeping staff and customers safe!

Clear Protective Roller Banners

These transparent screens (220mic), (800mm x 2000mm) may be just what your are looking for, keeping your staff and customers safe against the Coronavirus. Most commonly seen in hair salons, hotels and retail establishments, they create a barrier between staff and customer to offer additional protection from droplets. As they are housed within a roller banner cassette, they are simple to erect and easily moved to suit the needs of your clients.

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Social Distancing Signage

As per government guidance, we should all be staying 1m / 2m away from people outside our household at all times. Businesses can help people follow this rule in a number of different ways; from implementing a one-way system, to limiting the number of people on their premises. All these will need communicating with clear signage!

Social Distancing Bundle

The social distancing bundle includes:


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