preparing your files for the press

We specialise in printing from artwork supplied. Our system incorporates numerous internal checks, all designed to ensure that the finished work we produce not only meets, but exceeds, your expectations.

We like to think of our relationship with you as a partnership and, as with any partnership, a great outcome depends on the input of both partners! Please check the following guidance which will help to ensure that your work proceeds quickly and efficiently through to successful completion.

Providing your files

We can accept files sent on a wide range of ‘hard’ media as well as electronically.

  1. ‘Hard’ Media
    We understand that in many cases this method is regarded by many as ‘redundant’. We also understand that for whatever reason this may be the only option available. We can accept the following ‘hard’ media by post or in person.  For this method please contact us before forwarding your files.31/2″ Floppy Disc , CDs/DVDs Recordable and Re-recordable drives.
  2. Electronic Media
    Send your files to us electronically either by email (for files below 10mb) or via our uploading software –

print ready

To ensure that your files are printed with no potential problem, to the highest standards follow these guides to prepare your design / artwork for the press and create a print ready PDF (Portable Document Format).

Select page settings CMYK, 300dpi and page size 

Text converted to points / curves / outlines / or embed

Images at 300dpi

Colours saved as CMYK colour mode

3mm bleed & silent border


  • In the fast paced print world we do not provide proofs as standard. If a proof is required we are able to provide one to you.  There are 3 formats with different costs attached to each.  Please contact us at to discuss available options.
  • Electronic copy. This is a low resolution .PDF of your artwork which has been placed onto our systems (this is ideal for you to check the layout only).
  • Hard copy. This is a digital print out of your artwork. This option will not be a true colour representation or printed onto the final paper stock. 
  • Wet proof. Perfect for large print runs where colour matching is important.  A minimum quantity of your artwork will be printed to enable you to see and feel the finished result.