How to Prepare your files for Print

Preparing your business card artwork ready for the press is simple. Just follow the points listed below.

  • Convert text to curves, outlines, paths, or flatten (in raster programmes)
  • Images to be saved at a resolution of 300dpi.
  • Use CMYK colour mode
  • Bleed / silent borders, these are generally produced at 3mm (check with your printer for their specification)

How to prepare a .PDF

Now that you have prepared your document for printing, follow the guide below to present a print ready .PDF to your printer.

  • Save as .PDF in design package
  • Select press quality or PDF/X-1a
  • Insert trim marks (offset 3mm)
  • Bleed setting 3mm
  • Save

*Please note that above is posted as a guide only.

6 thoughts on “How to Prepare your files for Print”

    1. Hello Allen, your files will automatically be converted to CMYK in the plate making process. if the original supplied images are of a good quality the conversion will not be noticeable, but be aware, there are a few colours in RGB that will not convert well in CMYK and may result in an unexpected colour on the finished product.

  1. Hi Eric, will you be able to do the design for us – we’re not too creative?

    1. Hello Chris S, thanks for the contact, Yes we can help, take a look at our page ‘Preparing you design’

  2. Once artwork has been submitted can it be adjusted to allow for folds / die cuts?

    1. Hello, Mrs Hjohns, thanks for the question. It is planned to produce a detailed specification for each order that we process. On receipt of you artwork a proof will be forwarded, once this proof has been approved the order will start to processed and will not be able to be altered. Unusual work where more than the basic sizes are require, a member of the team will be in contact to discuss the job and the required specifications.

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